@hil_street I usually do the glitter ombré with gel polish or loose glitter, so I had to try it with regular polish. I painted some glitter polish over the 1/3 tip of the nail, then after it sorta dried(equivalent time to doing 10 nails), I dabbed across the tip again and dragged the drier tip of the brush up towards the base of the nail, stopping at the 2/3-ish mark. It was easier with the glitter Nails Inc top coat, than the condensed Milani glitter polish. But where the glitter was too thick with the Mil, I just dabbed it with my finger. You just have to play with it. And it’s not something that has to look perfect, but just don’t let it get too thick. Have fun! #nailart #glittergradient #ombre #nailarttutorial #tutorial #milani #nailsinc

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